Beauty Therapy for your Feet

Foot pain should not be taken lightly. It could lead to several other complications and cripple your life beyond imagination. Orthopaedics doctors, surgeons, podiatrists recommend the use of customized orthopedic footwear for long lasting solutions to tired and aching feet.

ARTA introduces a range of stylish, fashionable, handmade and customized orthopedic shoes to give your feet the needed care and support. Elegant footwear that can double up as orthopedic shoes, that's ARTA for you.

Using the latest 3D imaging technology and carefully selected ortho specific material that caters to the individual’sspecific needs, our team of experienced podiatrists and engineers work together to createcustomized shoes that provide excellent ergonomic support and foot comfort.

ARTA offers the ultimate footwearsolution for everyday comfort. With ARTA, step out of pain and suffering. Step into a world of health and happiness. Call us today to get your customized shoes.With ARTA, step out of pain and suffering. Step into a world of health and happiness.
Call us today to get your customized shoes.

Experts in curing feet related aligments


ARTA is the brain child of an experienced team of engineers and technicians who are steadfast about creating therapeutic footwear as per global benchmarking. The company consults a panel of orthopedics and podiatrists to design and develop customized insole and footwear that add therapeutic and aesthetic value to your feet.

According to Orthopedics and Podiatrists, therapeutic footwear should have the following features

  • Right fit
  • Made with right choice of material that is specific for the individual’s needs.
  • Designed to match the contours of the individual's feet. ARTA has a fully equipped production facility.Beginning with the foot scanning to the final development of the customized footwear everything is done in-house, to ensure consistent quality, customized solutions and faster delivery.

At ARTA, we are committed to offer an effective solution to foot related problems using the best of technology and years of professional experience.

ARTA’s orthotic solutions help address foot pain arising due to the following conditions to name a few:-

  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Arthritis
  • Bunions
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Corns
  • Heel pain
  • Diabetic feet

ARTA’s customized footwear provide the right solution for tired and stressed out feet.
They provide comfort and relief and help you lead a comfortable life style.

Path breaking solutions for painfree feet

Our Services

Foot Scanning

Clinical Evaluation and Bio-mechanical Assessment of the stress zones on the feet and other associated problems.

Designing customized footwear byselecting ortho-specific material that is need based.

Our custom orthopedic footwear manufacturing involves 3Dimaging and high precision CAD-CAM technology.


A 3D scanner is used to capture a detailed image of the patients foot with every contour of the anatomical surface and creates a accurate 3d image in less than a minute. The scanned image gives accurate dimensions which aids in designing customized footwear for the individual precisely.


The scanned image is subjected to clinical evaluation and bio-mechanical assessment by a physical to assess the stress zones and address any specific medical complaints. Using a CAD based software, orthotic / insole is designed so as to offload the stress on the specific complaint areas.


The precisely designed soles are then manufactured using specific materials that suit the patient’s specific medical needs. The utilization of state-of-the-art CAD CAM technology for milling the insole renders precision to the orthotic work.

At ARTA we strive to touch the lives of people positively by working in conjunction with doctors and healthcare specialists. Our products are produced in line the latest scientific and medical advancements.



At ARTA we understand that footwear is an important component of a style statement and we don't want our distinguished customers to be identified as suffering from foot related problems by looking at their footwear. So, we do not compromise on comfort and style when we design our footwear.

Our mission is to alleviate foot pain by providing stylish and comfortable footwear that comes with outstanding therapeutic values. Our orthopedic footwear is produced using latest technology and stringent quality standards.

ARTA footwear comes as a blessing for people with foot related problems.


We value your feedback. Kindly share with us your experience about ARTA range of products. Your feedback can help our associates and footwear engineers to make our product more user-aligned and thus help us produce products that are more comfortable and effective to our customers.
We seek your kind support in this regard.